LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

Your partner for innovative procurement and logistic solutions in the electronic industry.

LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

We not only market your parts – we also provide you with better ideas.

LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

Your excess inventory in our hands increases your liquidity.

LIBRA Elektronik GmbH

Quality and flexibility speak for themselves.

Are you looking for an innovative, customer-driven partner for
logistics and inventory management in the electronics sector?

Do need to optimize your long and short-term inventory and structure to provide much flexibility as humanly possible?

Do you expect the fastest possible response times and access facilities, along with the best quality and highest possible level of planning security?

Are you looking for solutions that can improve your liquidity and substantially reduce the cost, effort and storage required for your inventory?

Then we can provide the crucial help you need to set your logistics and inventory management up on an even more efficient basis.

Welcome to LIBRA Elektronik GmbH!