Business units

Inventory management

Our most innovative concept – and your most lucrative investment! The combination of minimum cost for you and more effective distribution from us is what can make your unused excess inventory into such a success. Either entire inventories or particular articles are disposed of on the world market precisely according to your needs, through consignment, commission or direct sales.

System logistics

Aside from the already existing excess inventory management service, we also offer other added-value logistical services, involving such oft-requested activities as requirements planning and returns management, up to and including logistics design and consultancy. Our main goal is to create innovative designs for traceable supply chain solutions for integration into existing logistics systems with you as our partner. With our 3,000 m² of warehousing space, our high-rack capacity and ESD equipment, we provide the base for achieving that goal. We simplify internal logistics jointly with you, thus saving on costs.

Procurement management

Within an existing system logistics framework or in response to individual needs, we have managed to create a high-quality network-based procurement system. Whether your problem relates to procurement difficulties, EOL, last time buy or obsolescence, we consider it our task to respond to your needs. It goes without saying that in all our work we provide quality value-for-money processes and observe all legal requirements and guidelines. Your needs in relation to price sensitivity and speed represent a challenge that we relish.