Excess Agreement

  1. Client:
    Provides Excess List
  2. LIBRA:
    Market Analysis and Evaluation
  3. LIBRA / Client:
    Consigment Agreement
  4. LIBRA:
    implementieren der Liste ins LIBRA System
  5. LIBRA:
    Anfrage an Kunde bei Bedarf
  6. LIBRA:
    Angebot an LIBRA


In an excess agreement, surplus components are marketed by us through the use of a stock list, but without leaving your warehouse. The available components are offered with no contractual obligation through our global marketing partners. You decide on a case-by-case basis whether you would like to sell your stock. If so, your company functions as a classic supplier.

Your additional benefits:

  • Simple and fast processing
  • eigene Preisgestaltung
  • Exklusiver Vermarktungspartner

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