We can take over the entire outsourcing of your logistic requirements, according to your needs. Our SAP controlled warehouse management system completely frees our customer from the need to inventorize stocks, and even from long-term storage tasks. Our warehouses and the specially protected dry rooms are available for intermediate storage, all the way up to the complete outsourcing at any time using a suitable solution. We use intelligent strategies to allow our customers to retain sight and control of its entire supply chain, which we manage at all times according to their directions.
Aside from long-term storage of electronic components, we have also been providing the volume storage since 2014, currently providing a capacity of 10,000 pallet spaces in our high-rack storage space. We would be glad to inform you of the favourable conditions we offer for this service.

  • ESD-safe storage
  • Complete logistic outsourcing
  • High security storage
  • Inventorization
  • Commissioning
  • Consignment
  • Returns management

Value Added Services

We take responsibility for quality control of your goods, both in-house and in cooperation with highly respected European testing institutes. Packaging, labelling and customs and excise services are part of our everyday work. We take over your returns management, product reception and labelling tasks, all the way up to recycling and disposal at the end of its life cycle, with complete sensitivity to costs and to the environment. We reliably optimize the flow of your goods and your information. Our goal is to save you money at every turn through careful analysis and appropriate planning, following to your specifications.

Careful analysis
We put your supply chain under the microscope, identify every step along the way and optimize the path from end to end.
Intelligent planning
We achieve agreement with all partners and find solutions based on what the supplier can provide, and what your customers require.
Reliable coordination
We optimize the interplay between your product and your information flows – whether you need just in time or on-cue delivery.
Transparent control
We build IT interfaces that harmonize with your systems and that connect up with all interested parties all over the world. These interfaces allow everyone to follow each event over the entire course of the transport chain. This traceability allows incidents and bottlenecks to be recognised early and resolved quickly.